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AVChat 3.x Drupal 5.x and 6.x module

SoftwareTAG Price: 44.10 USD

Developer's Price: 49 USD

With SoftwareTAG save up to 4.90 USD


What AVChat 3.x Drupal 5.x and 6.x module can do:

  • Audio & video chat for your Drupal community:

        * One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat
        * Create & join multiple public and private rooms
        * Rich text chat with emote icons, file transfer, image sharing and YouTube videos
        * Support for private messages and 1direct access to the profile of the members

    Generate more revenue from ads and higher conversion rates:

    You can generate revenue from the site  by showing ads around the video chat area. AdSense, banners, affiliate links, anything can be added! You can also generate revenue by making the video chat itself (or some of its features) available only to paying members, this will drive conversion rates up and thus subscriptions.
    Seamless members database integration:

    The AVChat Video Chat Module for Drupal integrates with your existing Drupal web site and users database:

        * Username, gender and avatar integration:
          Your members will have the same username, gender and profile picture in the web site and in the video chat.
        * Admin area
          Login as hidden, Kick and ban users, close & delete rooms, join private and closed rooms, view private video streams, etc... all is possible from the admin area of the video chat! You can select which groups of users have access to it!
        * Different features for different user groups
          You can control the video chat features independently for each user group.
        * Access user profiles directly from the video chat
          you can access the public profiles of users directly from the video chat.
        * Simple install
          It installs as any other Drupal Module.

    What will your Drupal web site members be able to do:

        * Publish their webcam and microphone
        * Watch (in full screen) the audio/video streams of other users
        * Text chat with other users in public or private rooms
        * IM other users
        * Send files and images to other members in the chat
        * Send files and images to rooms
        * Create their own public and private rooms
        * Watch YouTube movies directly in the chat
        * Communicate with emote icons and formatted text
        * Invite other users to the chat
        * Block other users
        * Open up other users profiles in a new browser window

    What does the Drupal Module do in addition to the standalone version of AVChat application?

        * Users will have the same username in the web site and in the chat
        * It can be setup to open on a page in your web site or in a popup window
        * Control AVChat 3 features individually for each user role (user level) in Drupal!
        * It installs as any other Drupal Module
        * A link to the video chat is automatically created in the users area in the side menu
        * By default visitors are not allowed to enter the video chat, they are required to register.

    Seamless looks & feel integration:

    The AVChat Video Chat Module for Drupal can be fully adjusted to match your web site look and feel! Here’s what  you can change:

        * the  size, the background image, the colors and fonts,
        * the rounded corners, margins and paddings
        * where the video chat opens:  in a pop up or in line

    Platform independent (works with anything!)

    The AVChat Video Chat Module for Drupal works with Drupal 5 and 6. AVChat is developed in Flash thus works on Windows, Mac Os and Linux and even on Android phones!

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